Ethima presents a new concept of services in the international freight business with ethics, transparency and safety according to rules of agencies, which makes Ethima an INNOVATIVE shipping and handling Company in Brazil.


Maritime Transport

Is the most common way of shipping goods in the world, optimizing costs and making it possible…

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Air Transportation

For urgent and small shipments, air transportation is the best option.

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Cargo Insurance

There are always risks in shipping goods. Therefore, international insurance is highly recommended.

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Project Cargo

All the loads that do not fit standard equipments are considered (project / special load).

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LCL (Less Container Load), also known as consolidated or fractionated shipment, …

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Container NOR

Some shipowners have the need to reposition the REEFER equipment for Brazilian exports and offer an option called NOR

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REEFER Container

REEFER equipment is required for cargoes that need to be refrigerated or frozen for the preservation…

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More than providing solutions in the international logistics chain, Ethima values ethics, transparency and excellence in each of its actions to generate real results for its customers.


Act in the safe handling of international cargo: establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving security in transit of cargo, with respect to the needs of customers and other interested parties, demonstrating commitment to all legislation, legal and statutory requirements, in addition to promoting continuous improvement of your processes.


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Who is the Cargo Agents / Freight Forwarders?

The Cargo Agent / freight forwarder is a consultant service provider hired by the importer or exporter to find the best option of freight and international logistics.

The Cargo Agent / Freight Forwarder conducts negotiations, mounting and dismounting cargoes, prepares documents such as BL / AWB, delivers all the necessary knowledge of (BL / AWB) and handles bureaucratic matters with shipowners, airlines, carriers and government agencies.

We are also responsible for providing correct information on shipments, (freights and fees charges) and to carry out a complete Logistic Study of all the processes required.

Why using a Cargo Agent / Freight Forwarder?

The International Cargo Agent / Freight Forwarder has a network of agents spread all over the world, giving ideal conditions to the importer or exporter to make their shipments (door to door) from any industry around the world to your company.

This network of agents makes it possible to negotiate differently with shipowners and airlines giving the correct freight value, demurrage, free time and detention, for carrying a large volume of shipments. It can be load anywhere in the world and get special deals with ship owners and airlines. The cargo agent / freight forwarder is responsible for the preparation of the bill of lading (BL, AWB) and the consolidation and deconsolidation of goods according to different systems around the world (Countries and Governments Rules and their own way of dealing in trade business). The Cargo Agent / Freight Forwarder is responsible to conduct on behalf of the importer or exporter, the payments of all freights and shipping charges according to the INCOTERM used.

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